Washroom Analytics

Data where you need it most,

In the comfort of your own stall.

Introducing the cloud based, revolutionary, Washroom Analytics.

Market research has shown that over 99% of people will go to the bathroom in their life, now, deliver data where it matters most.

Don't flush your time away

Potty time data, in real-time.

The Royal Flush

Why Washroom is the sh*t:

Fully Customizable

Compatible with almost any hardware, our service is guaranteed to work with your existing bathroom analytics display technologies.

Ergonomic Design

We have iterated through thousands of potential viewing angles to ensure the most comfortable data viewing experience.


We guarantee the best toilet experience possible. Random polls in bathrooms consistently rate us 10/10, everytime.


Washroom increases corporate productivity and colon health.

When it comes to customer satisfaction,

we're number one and number 2.

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